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It's All About the DRUMS

NEW Norrish Reaction featuring Bob Lupton on Drums

I have enjoyed an extensive career as a drummer musician providing drumbeats, drum tracks and drumming performances that include appearances with Colorado bands such as JAB, Witch Asylum, Boyz with Big Toyz, Petti Bourgeois, Rare Moment Show Band, and many other bands that were awesome but never made it past the garage! I worked with Todd Park Mohr in the Atlantics, pre-Big Head and the Monsters. I hit the 2000 gig mark just in my high school years gigging with regional touring bands and playing ten shows a day every summer at the Elitich Gardens Theme park (Six Flags).

In and after college, I had the opportunity to play jazz, big band, jazz fusion, and classical music including the Guy Lombardo Band, Arthur Duncan, the Almost to Big Jazz Band, even Jacques Brel musicals. More recently, I played with the Dave Rawlinson country rock band and Rusted Souls rock band. Now I have returned to my roots and first love: Rock Drumming!

The Norrish Reaction band has a Seattle inspired, alternative rock sound which demands strong drumming. The songs are sometimes powerful and other times warm, but always desiring a big drum rhythm! Over the 40 plus years while traveling and working, I have remained true to my creative passion – music. I will go to my grave playing music for others to enjoy! I think you will appreciate and love the new Norrish Reaction CD. It captures that big drum sound I so dearly love and a sound I truly want to share to make you happy!!! Enjoy! Bob Lupton


Recent Touring Bands

These photos represent many years of great bands and good folks! Enjoy!

The Early Years

These photos take me back in time when music creativity was just starting. My two brothers and I had our own band on the farm! Play it LOUD!!!

NEW Norrish Reaction CD

Seattle Inspired Retro-Contemporary Alternative Rock Take some great 70s rock, stir it together with an unmistakably contemporary feel, and cook it up with a Seattle-alternative attitude, and you might get something like Norrish Reaction’s self-titled debut album. “All and all”, explains drummer Lupton, “the songs collectively capture many different stories and perspectives but with the unmistakable, definitive Norrish Reaction sound which is new, yet familiar.” Norrish Reaction has found a unique niche among the Seattle-inspired alternative rock bands.